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Hong Kong Ying Shuo Group’s Shanghai YingShuo Plastic Products Co., Ltd and Shanghai YingYu Plastic Products Co.,Ltd has nearly 20 years experience in cosmetic packaging manufacturing, The president and owner of Ying Shuo, Mr. Alan Chen, has been working in the injection moulding business for the last 23 years.

Our leaders set out to define operational excellence in terms of end-user satisfaction and producer growth. These two means of measurement define our path and vision.

In our company, we also know that people make the team. We try our best to make our company as a platform to show our staff personality and value, then to provide the high quality service for our customer.

Our plan is to expand our borders and reach far and wide. We are opening offices from the East to the West: from Hong Kong to New York, and from Shanghai to Paris. Our plan is to double our current output in 3 years – this will all be possible with the right people on-board to help lead the way.